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Frequently Asked Questions
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1.Online contact: Skype: My statusPCB Live Chat       Skype ID: pcba-ems
2.Offline contact: E-mailsales@5pcb.com    Tel:+86-755-27269685    Fax:+86-755-27220690
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1:Can you keep the secret for my personal information and PCB gerber file?
Reply:Of course, we will ensure your registration information as our top secret since you registered in our website.
Q2:Why the speed is so slow when I upload the PCB file?
Reply: We are so sorry for this!, you can send your PCB gerber file to our mailbox sales@5pcb.com, and write the corresponding part number in email, we also can solve this problem for you as soon as possible.
Q3:We want to do monthly settlement?What shall we do?
Reply:You can send your attention to our mailbox sales@5pcb.com, our customer service people will contact with you!
Q4:How to test the pcbs and caculate the test cost in your company?
Reply:We test the boards with flying probe or fixture tool, both the cost are estimated. Flying probe will be calculated based on the quantity of test points, and fixture test will be based on the fixture tool cost. We suggest to use the fixture if the boards is more than 3sqm, because it will be save a lot of time.
Q5:How can I get the help if I meet some problem when I use your pcb order online?
Reply:In order to offer you more convenient and more efficient service, we offer three channels to help you as below:

            1.You can get in touch with our online customer service people directly; they will help you on time;

            2.send your problem to our mailbox sales@5pcb.com , we will reply you by email as soon as possible;

            3.You can log in your member center and leave your message on “Personal data→Complaints and suggestions”.

Fill in the following problems to the consultation watch box, we will respond promptly, thank you!
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