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    Our Prototype-Cashback

    How many projects have failed, because the project management has spared the costs for the prototypes? We want this number to be minimized and therefore offer our prototype cashback:

    You place your project prototypes with us, test them (if necessary, improve them, order them again with adapted data) and after successful final tests order the series from us. The special feature, as soon as you order the series, you get the prototype cashback advantage!

    You will receive 50% of the prototype costs for the first order of the series, the remaining 50% for another order. After the second order, all prototype costs are reimbursed and the regular price applies.

    As an an example:

    You order 5 prototypes. These costs for example about 20,00 € each. After the first tests you have to change the design and the material thickness and order another 5 prototypes, cost now about 25,00 € per piece due to the new material. Now the tests are successful and you can start mass production.

    The first order over 500 Lp's is made and now you get your advantage:

    First prototype order

    5 pieces = 100,00 €

    Second order

    5 pieces = 125,00 €

    -> 225,00 € costs for prototypes

    First serial order

    500 pcs = 800,00 € - 50% refund of prototype costs = 687,50 €

    Second serial order

    500 pcs = 800,00 € - 50% refund of prototype costs = 687,50 €

    Third serial order

    500 pieces = 800,00 €


    Prototypes may have the following specifications:

    1-8 layers

    minute 20x20mm, max. 200x300mm

    Total area of the order <= 0.4m2

    No express production

    Series orders must meet the following specifications:

    Same specifications as the last prototype

    No data changes to the last prototype

    Min. 1.5m2 per order

    The cashback applies only to the unit price of printed circuit boards! Shipping costs, stencils, other extras, which are shown separately, are not included in the cashback!