• Hardware Design>> Hardware

    hardware design and development

    over 20 years of experience in developing and designing digital and analog

    hardware variety of specialized areas

    Electronic card design is as optimal balance of cost components

    With the definition and the prototype, including assistance in providing solutions for the production stages

    Aoditk provides service Design circles custom sizes and customer needs


    Design and development of finished products including electronic tickets

    Product development or product design e-mail

    Design and development of electronic projects multiplayer Tickets


    Project card with analog and digital

    Development and digital electronic circuit design speeds and high frequencies

    Analog circuit design and integrated systems

    Design and use of all types of new electronic components and the most advanced

    Desire for electronic components of the leading companies

    Design embedded micro-controller cards from leading

    Atmel, Microchip, NXP, Texas instruments


    national semiconductor, Altera, FPGA MCU CPU

    Development of high-power analog cards

    Analog design audio systems development and enhancement systems

    Design and Development analog video channels developing low-noise

    Design a black and white CCD camera sensitive to light

    Design multi-CCD camera

    Development of a digital monitor controller

    Microprocessor design

    Hard disk controller design

    Laser controller design

    Linear circuit design


    Designing and testing printed circuit boards

    Flexible printed circuit design multilayered hard

    Design and support at all stages of preparation of printed circuit boards

    Hardware Requirements Definition

    System Requirements Definition

    Practice new and advanced technologies

    Memory card design

    Design to prevent motor driver driver

    Design stepper motor controller step motor driver


    Design Visit charcoal BLDC motors without motor driver


    Engine controller development

    Design a driver avoid high-power electric

    Development of Power Supply Test System

    Variable load systems development testing of power supplies

    Development battery charger Nickel Metal and Nickel Cadmium

    Design lithium ion battery charger lithium-ion battery charging

    Design lithium polymer battery charger lithium-polymer battery charging


    Design nickel cadmium battery charger nickel cadmium battery charging


    Design battery charger Nickel Metal nickel metal hydride battery charging


    Audio amplifier design analog and digital, operational amplifiers

    Audio amplifier design high frequency 100KHz

    Design and development sensitive to noise analog systems

    Giroux system design to maintain stability gyroscope GYRO

    Design test and measurement instruments test equipment

    Design and remote shutter controller

    Design Weight Weigh Scale Application load cell

    Design Thermometer Thermocouple Junction

    Electronic anemometer design

    Design control, and wireless and wired heaters

    Design Visit and Driver forge

    Design light lighting dimmer dimmer

    Cooling system design and controlled ventilation

    Development and Design frequency counter

    Design signal generator waveform generator function generator

    Design analog controller data register high-resolution digital

    Design Visit hamster blood sugar measurement data MICRO POWER

    Development and Design controller data register measuring temperature and humidity measurement

    Detector and controller design for controlling moisture heating laundry dryer

    Development and Design controller and remote control flight by air currents and pressures


    Development and electro-mechanical systems design

    Design and Development Command and conveyor systems complex lenses

    Development of electro-optical system and laser driver


    Development of electro-mechanical system controlled direct current engines and motors step with precise mechanical mechanism


    LED driver design unborn driver

    Metal detector design

    Microscope illumination system design

    Medical system design optical and mechanical testing of blood and laboratory tests

    Protection system design Printer

    Wireless communication system design


    Design systems and servo controllers unmanned aircraft experiments

    Design control and command of the tube IMS for diseases

    Design video cameras and recording systems passengers transporting

    Design RS422 converter RS232 to

    Servo test system design

    Electro-optics lens design of thermal cameras


    Laser marker design

    Design RS232 Converter USB TO CONVERTER

    Design Visit and Laser Driver

    Intelligent control system design and control of the windows and lock car

    Design and developing a miniature medical personal care and physical therapy


    RGB camera design

    Video systems design and video splitter in three dimensions

    Development and Design rain detector detector light detector Spirit

    Design and Development barometric pressure detector

    Design and Development Cellular System

    Design Voltmeter 0 to 100v resolution of 1mA

    Design Ammeter 1mA resolution

    Power meter design resolution of 10mW

    Timer design real-time systems, accurate timing

    Design and Development accurate measuring instruments


    Design of power supplies in a variety of advanced technologies

    Development and design of power supplies quiet, with electro-magnetic platter low noise

    Design a straight-voltage power supplies and multiple tensions

    Design power supply 500w 12v to 220v

    Design Power Supplies AC Power 110v 220v

    Controlled system design, visit a variable load capacities of up to 400w

    Check power supply consists of

    Testing of complex systems Ambdd

    Development of power supply voltage and DC voltage network

    Power Supply Design and control systems to operate high power laser


    Design of power supplies are capable of changing flow or rapid voltage

    Communication design power grids

    Communication between components, communication cards, and communication

    between systems

    SPI 2, 3 SPI, UART, RS232, RS422, RS485, I2C, CAN, PLC

    LIN, 1 wire, 2 wires, 3 wires, max bus, NEB, USB 1, USB 2

    ADC design discrete, discrete DAC

    Support for serial production of printed circuit boards


    Preparation of documentation and production portfolio serial production

    Adaptable design and environmental compliance

    Adaptable design standards, deer, medical, Tashiitm, and citizens

    Design accordance with military

    Medical correct fit design

    Accordance with industrial design

    Design Pursuant to Civil

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